• Imaging Assistance

  • Preventive Maintenance

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance in Clinical Imaging

Our technical team has an accumulated experience of over twenty years in technical assistance for various equipment:

  • Multi-brand assistance;
  • Installation of marketed equipment;
  • After-sales assistance;
  • Removal of obsolete equipment and respective delivery for recycling in the appropriate centres;
  • On-site diagnosis and repair;
  • Spare parts supplies and installation;
  • Preventive maintenance.

Accumulated Experience

The technical assistance department of Radtec has a technical team with factory training guaranteeing assistance to its customers within 24 hours both in the current warranty periods and in the maintenance contracts.

Radtec carries out preventive and corrective maintenance contracts, which are very important for the continued effectiveness of the equipment, to ensure its permanent use and profitability and to guarantee the prolongation of its useful life.

Radtec provides technical assistance to a large part of the imaging equipment of the various medical specialities such as orthopantomographs, mammography devices, RX tables, ultrasound scanners and others.

Radtec also provides consultancy services in the planning of radiology clinics and clinics according to the needs of each client.



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